Tournament Info

Tournament Dates & Venue

The tournament will start on Monday 7th/March/2016 and end on Saturday 12th/March/2016

Venue : Hot Shot Palazzo – Bin Khaldoun street – Hawally
Al-Buraq Complex 1st floor
Telephone : (+965) 22611760 Ext. 101
Mobile: (+965) 60989999
Official Website :
USA & Europ 6 (Including defending champion)
Local 92
Sponsor 2
Organizer 4
Total 128
Registration & Entry Fee

All players must register at Hot Shot Palazzo reception counter, No entry form is required.

All players must pay their entry fee by the due date on 1st/March/2016 21:00 P.M.

The entry fee for the tournament is:

Professionals: 20 KD equivalent to USD 60
Amateur's 5 KD
Women 5 KD

All registrations without entry fee payment will be discarded.

Prize (US Dollars & KD)


Champion 6,000 USD + Cup
Runner-up 3,000 USD + Cup
3rd 1,500 USD
4th 750 USD
5th - 8th 200 USD each


Champion 150 KD + Cup + Gift
Runner-up 75 KD + Cup + Gift
3rd 40 KD
4th 20 KD


Champion 150 KD + Cup + Cue
Runner-up 75 KD + Cup + Cue
3rd 40 KD
4th 20 KD
  • Diamond Tables
  • Simonis 860 Cloth
  • Tournament Blue Color.
  • Aramith Super Pro TV Balls
Tournament Formats


Group Round:

  • 16/8 groups 8 player's each, Double elimination, race to 9, alternate break.
  • 2 winners & 2 loser's qualify to final round from each group.

Final Round:

  • 32 players, Double Elimination, race to 9, alternate break.

If there are 128/64 players In the group round, the players are divided into 16/8 groups of 8 players each. 4 players from each group advance into the Last 32 final round. 2 from winner’s bracket and 2 from loser's bracket will be seeded into the Final 32 Round. Winner-1 from group-1 will play loser-16.


9 ball, Single knockout, 32 players, race to 9, alternate break


8 ball, 16 players, preliminary round race to 3, semifinal round race to 4, final round race to 5, winner break

Travel And Accommodations

All players are responsible for their own travel and accomodation

Hotel Address : Hawalli, Ibn Khaldoon Street, Kuwait
Telephone : (+965) 22671600
Fax: (+965) 22671603
Official Website :
View Map : Click here to view

All players are responsible for their own transportation.


The organizer's will assist in producing a visit visa if documents are provided in a good time.

Match Time


Group Rounds & Final Round : 04:00pm -12:00 am
Final Match : 12th march at 07:00 pm
Racking Balls

Magic rack will be used and rules apply.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any misbehavior by players will result in disqualification from the tournament.

Rules / Regulations
  • Tournament game is 9 Ball, Double elimination race alternate breaks.
  • Professionals will play double elimination group qualifications, and then double elimination final 32 players.
  • Amateurs will play 32 players single knock out alternate break.  
  • Each player must comply with his schedule.
  • Each player is allowed 5 minutes warm-up time if no delay.
  • In case of delay, player will lose the opening break for the first 5 minutes, and a game for every additional 5 minutes (Venue clock adopted).
  • Entry fee is not refunded, and replacing players is not allowed after the draw.
  • The referee/organizing team will disqualify any player in case of misbehavior.
  • Players can refer to the organizing team if not satisfied with any ruling, and the organizing team decision will be final.
  • Players cannot protest against match score after it is concluded.
  • Group qualification matches are race to 9 for winner’s bracket, and race to 7 for loser’s bracket.
  • Final 32 player’s matches are race to 9 all the way and the final match is race to 13 single match.
  • Game rules will be announced by the referee prior to play.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.